Well, this is the stuff that I have no idea where to put and I don't feel making another section. Check out the links link (links link?) at the bottom of the page.

I've taken a beading fit. I will probably end up putting the stuff on etsy, but for now, HERE'S A PICTURE!E-mail me and ask on pricing.

I also have taken a wire fit too. Same thing as beads, when I figure etsy out, there will be links. E-mail and ask on pricing.

My daughter is probably stealing this one, but there will be others. It has a pin back on it.

Brass or Tin Cones
All right folks, these are very useful for those of you who have clothing that laces on. Yes, these are points. They do the same thing as the little plastic things on your shoelaces. 10 for $1.00

Celtix Pewter Buttons.
These are made by the same person as the Celtix beads. They are made of lead free pewter plated in silver.
5/8" $1.25 ea.
3/4" $1.50 ea.

Buttons and Other Closures
Wood, shell and horn
Assorted metal and plastic
Clasps and other closures

Feather Fans
These are marabou feather fans. They are fun and fuzzy. Available in white or black. The picture is a burgundy fan, same fan I just have it in black and white at the moment $10.00 ea.

Fan Staves
For the do it yourselfer
12" x 22"(16) $7.25 ea.

Artificial Sinew
On spools, separates into 2 strands, lightly waxed, works good for hand sewing leather. $2.75/spool

Leather Lace
3mm leather lace. Good for the celtix beads and 9mm white heart glass beads. Brown or Black. Brown, 2 yard pieces $1.00 ea., Black, $1.00/yd.

Go ahead, check them out. You know you want to.