I'm trying to keep this simple. When I find a better way, you will be the second to know. Until then . . .

E-mail me with what you want at [email protected]. (please do not leave the subject blank), or call me at (609) 965-7647 between 5:30 pm - 9:30 pm EST weekdays, weekends are hit or miss. ( I have a day job folks. )

I check e-mail at least once a day. Or call me. I will contact you with the total via e-mail or phone (your preference, if by phone, let me know when is a good time to call)

Shipping is by weight. A minimum shipping charge of $6.65 via USPS Priority Mail (up to 2 pounds). I will ship by UPS or FedEx if you wish. (Let me know your shipping preference). NJ, NY, CT and PA residents sales tax will be added.

I accept payments through PayPal, Square, or money orders (will ship upon receiving money order). I will send you an invoice. Sorry, I no longer take checks as my bank now charges a $50 bounced check fee.


Gina Shearer,