Well, I have skins, feathers, hair, and such. The stock is changing and expanding. Prices are subject to change without notice. Yada, yada, yada, blah, blah, blah. On with the show.

Ostrich Plumes
Approx. 15" - 18", stock colors: red, gold, green, purple, blue, lt. blue, black, white, natural grey. If you want a color not listed let me know. (Also, custom dying is available at an extra cost) $3.00 ea.

Peacock Feathers
Eyes - Approx. 36". (round part most folks think of). Quite festive. $1.00 ea.

Pheasant Tails
Approx. 12"-15" (photo). $1.00 ea.

Turkey Feathers
Barred or white - 75¢ ea.

Grey Goose Quills
Great for making your own dip pen (photo). 75¢ ea.

Legal Eagle
These are turkey feathers hand painted to look like eagle feathers. Very nice. $2.20 ea.

Cowhide Suede Splits
Soft, approx. 5 - 10 sq. ft., Assorted colors. (see color chart below, ask about availability. Natural colors are almost always available) Colors vary from dye lot to dye lot. Dyed leather is not colorfast. $4.00/sq. ft.
Cowhide Colors






Forest Green


Horse Tail Hair (photo)
22"-26" white, approx. 8 oz bundle. $35.00/bundle.
22"-26" red, approx. 8 oz bundle. $20.00/bundle.

Artificial Sinew
On 135 ft. spools, separates into 2 strands, lightly waxed, works good for hand sewing leather. $2.75/spool

Leather Lace
3mm leather lace. Good for the celtix beads and 9mm white heart glass beads. Brown or Black. Brown $1.00 per each 2 yard piece, Black $1.00/yd.