to Dopey Dragon Dry Goods! Purveyor of beads, feathers, fans, leather, horsehair, scarves, celtic themed items, hats, warhammers, maces, axes, wooden utensils, custom made goods and other really neat stuff for the re-enactor and the historically inclined. The stock changes at my whims, so please check us often. Check under "other bits" for buttons and possibly artwork and other oddities. (Be warned my updates are sporadic at best.)

Here's an update for ya, My daugter will be 6 in May. Eeek, where oh where did the time go. Warhammer construction has been rare since she has been born. My husband, who makes the warhammers, has spent about half of the last 4 years intermittantly on the road for his day job and jet lag and power tools are a really bad combination. ( and Natalie wants to have daddy's complete attention when he is home, and yes we are going to take advantage of it because too soon she will not want us around.)

I have developed a fondness for beadwork and ribbonwork lately. Soon, there will be pictures. Oh, and there will probably a website redo.

Well, feel free to browse, suggest, breathe, think....BUY SOMETHING!!!
OK, the rant is over. Hmm...don't know what came over me. Be on with it then.

With sincere thanks,

Gina Shearer,